Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mr Instability Description

Mr Instability (book)
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How many jobs have you had? I have had twenty eight so far. How many times has someone thrown poop at you? I have had about twelve turd's thrown at me. Have you ever been almost been killed on your first day at work? I have. How many A list celebrities have you worked with? I have worked with three. People call me Mr. Instability, and I want to take you on a fifteen year journey through twenty eight jobs. I have been a Police Officer, and got too work with a partner who was a racist lesbian who hated me. I have been on the hunt for an aggressive pit bull, that has an appetite for small children as a Dog Catcher. I was almost killed by an inmate on my first day at work as a Correctional Officer. I have acted along side Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage and Russell Crowe. I even cleaned toliets after construction workers. If you can think of a nasty or dangerous job, I have done it. Ready for a wild ride through the life of a chronic job hopper? Then come on, lets go!